Brand Design Booklet

What better way to show you our capabilities than designing a booklet of what we do?

Everything digital has become so lifeless. I really missed holding a portfolio book in my hands.
Heejung Yoon

Without you, there is no us.

It's been 10 years since I created portfolio book after I finished my undergraduate and graduate school. The "Portfolio Book" was the most important piece to get the job you dreamed about. From a cover letter, business card and booklet I spent days designing, printing and binding by hand.

Things change so fast these days. Most of the people send an email with the link to the digital portfolio. I miss touching the portfolio letters, books, and flipping through page by page. After 10 years of doing a lot of digital work, I wanted to create something old school that I could hold physically. I created a simple studio portfolio booklet about our work over the years. Even I forget the work we did and it was inspiring to see it all again.

The booklet has 2 channels, one is a way to show our clients our appreciation for working with us. Two is the hope that a new client will see our work and get in touch.

Special thanks to John Mikulenka for the endless rounds of editorial and creative reviews.

Are we still having print issues in 2017?

We opted for the "golden" proof before printing and Ryan spoke several times with their production staff for reassurance on images and text flowing from one page to the other in the design spread. Once you print there is no going back. We received our first box of printed booklets and had to make that unfortunate call "There is a problem here, it's bad...really bad." After a few tense phone calls, the printer finally made it right.

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