Joanne Weir made us a lunch, so we made a logo for her TV Show

Heejung Yoon & Ryan Carnrick

Funny Corporate Video Series

This story has 2 versions, video version and the written version. We thought you might enjoy the video first!

Can I have ice cream now?

OMG! The gold fish are hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing.
Joanne Weir

The “Chef Joanne Weir” was making us a super delicious lunch.

I remember it like it was yesterday, Joanne and her kick-ass comrade Karen Alvey invited us over to her house for some lunch and little work discussion.

Joanne had exciting news, she was filming a new TV Series. The show was about traveling to different locations and learning about different recipes, ingredients, and spices.


“What’s the name of the show?”

There was the dilemma, the TV series had no name yet. Joanne and Karen said we are all smart people and we should be able to figure this out.

With our mouths full, we all start pitching out words, combining things that should never be put together like north and south magnetic poles.

Our naming process became like racehorses to the finish line, we kept at it, any moment we would find the right combination. As if thunder clapped in the room suddenly something simple and memorable popped out "Plates and Places". Everyone was looking around at each other with a "yes, I think this could work" facial expression.


Lunch was over and it was time to get back to the studio and start the creative process.

Heejung from the depths of a creative madness waves her digital paintbrush like an individual possessed by a digital Picasso. That was really overstating how it happened but in my mind, that's how it totally happened!

In Joanne's new TV series Joanne travels through old European locations in search for new ingredients. We wanted to capture the classic feeling with a twist of modern.

Heejung is a mix master of Typography, twirling together old and new font styles. We presented several great design options.

We all voted for the one that would be chosen as the final identity design for the TV show.



Presentations, websites, and advertisements – oh my.

We forget sometimes how many assets go into the blender of marketing. Powerpoints, newsletters, websites, social media and things you never anticipated. It can feel like a tornado trying to get everything timed and aligned.


A humble thank you.

Thank you, Joanne, for giving us the opportunity to work on your new TV series. It will be the first time one of our designs is presented on National Television.

A Triple double thank you to Karen Alvey, for all your collaboration in marketing and making this project a hit!

May the show be seen for years to come!

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