Who doesn't want more leads? How do I get more leads? What are the best options for getting new leads?

Finding new leads

Paid advertisement is a great way to sway some traffic towards your website. Google Ads is one of the best options to set up a campaign and dig into search terms people use in your industry. One of the great things about it is the ability to see what kind of budget you might need to plan for when paying for ad spots. You must be very careful as google will happily bill you for random clicks that lead to nowhere. Regularly we make tweaks to existing Google ads and create new ads for new opportunities.

Facebook advertising on several platforms like Instagram can be very influential as well. With a proper setup, you can adjust to your given budget. Don't use options like boost post or pay for impressions. It's like handing your wallet over to social media and saying go wild.

Know thy business

One of the most useful things you can do is start with a single well thought out the campaign in an area you want to go after. Where people run into trouble is when they start going after everything under the sun lose sight of their targeted campaign. Always work with someone who truly understands your business and can optimize its effectiveness.

Don't forget to target existing leads

Over time in business, you learn it is easier to work with an existing lead you know well than to start from scratch. Newsletters are an excellent way to reach out to existing leads/customers. The most effective newsletters are simple and straight to the point. "Hey, we wanted to share this one essential thing with you." Never bombard people with a ton of crap. You know I'm talking about, those newsletters that have a million things to tell you and delete after opening. What works best in newsletters? Simple animated gifs, we make some brilliant ones too! Don't buy into the personal emails, you will get high open rates but the click the through or engagement is almost always 1%. People hate the bait and switch. Users like branded templates from companies, not random templates, as it's familiarity will build confidence over time.

Design is everything (saw that coming didn't yah!)

Last and critical design matters. Remember, you will be judged visually first. Plan your new or existing lead's path through the campaign carefully as people on the internet are easily distracted or lost. This is one of the fun buzzwords people like throw around, which is very important, user interface (how they interact) and user experience (what they took away). Optimize all your pages and find the natural opportunities for users to become leads. Don't make it complicated or bury items on web pages too far down a page. Design pages for targeted campaigns so you can track the progress of user interactions during your campaign and optimize as more data is collected.

See the graph below to see how we doubled this company's leads over a year.

Lead graph showing plotted points

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