“We need to refresh our brand”

Companies don’t always have the time or budget to go through a whole rebranding process. They wanted to freshen up their look and feel while staying relevant.

What is shift? “We shift mindsets and practices through direct dialogue and capacity building. We are a team that works directly with companies, governments, civil society, investors and others to bring about a world in which business gets done with respect for people’s fundamental welfare and dignity.”

First thing we did was remove all excessive elements from the logo. There were shadows, textures and a tagline. Everything was distracting from the company identity itself. We redefined the brand colors and typography in print and web. Then we explored designing a shifting iconography to set the visual entity.

We presented them with our brand design process from business cards, letterhead, PowerPoint and website. Creating a seamless brand design all the way through their online and offline materials to make them look sharp and sophisticated.

The website was another challenge since it is heavily laden with content. The website needed to be easy to access, inviting to read and quickly sharable. Of course, everything needs to be responsive web design and development.

We spent a good amount time working with the typography and how it visually conveyed the content in the responsive web design environment.

Client was very happy with the outcome of the brand refresh design.

Brand color

Shift brand colors

Brand icon design

icon t-shirt design

Typography branding


Stationery design

Brand stationery design

Web design

website design and development

From the client

“A HUGE, HUGE thanks to you guys for a job very well done.”

Julie Schindall, Communications Advisor


“It feels a bit like an organizational rebirth! We are grateful to you both for making it happen.”

Caroline Reese, President and Co-Founder


“It’s like a whole new start. It makes me incredibly proud of Shift all over again.”

Rachel Davis, Managing Director