Designing an attractive website for a local business is a privilege. The client wanted a classic high-end style of web design for their online presence. We created a balanced color palette, gold frames, and custom-designed icons to bring the visual essence together. Part of our web design process was mixing san-serif and serif fonts to give it that classic yet modern elegant touch.

Onsite photography truly brings out the genuine personality of a business. We scoped all rooms and turned every nook and cranny into a photo shoot.

Identity design

3 photos showing the hallway, desks for glasses testing and a eye machine
color blocks for the website

Website design

website pages showing design


showroom with glasses and tonya watson behind eye machine
hallway with person waiting to be seen for an eye exam
sophisticated eye machines for eye doctors to see into your skull
inside for you eyes only office in the castro of san francisco
employees at for your eyes only

icon design

eye machine icon
eye icon
bi focal glasses icon
designer glasses icon
contact lenses icon
specialty icon