Since 2006, Electronic Resource and Libraries (ER&L) has held its annual conference in person. The event is an opportunity for librarians and vendors to collect, manage, maintain, and make electronic resources accessible in an ever-changing online environment.

Like a signal beaming deep from space, Electronic Resource and Libraries (ER&L) contacted us in 2023 and asked if we wanted to work together again on the design theme for their upcoming 2024 conference. During our initial meeting we all loved the idea of "space camp" - a theme everyone at the conference could have some unconventional fun with.

Our design strategy was based on reviewing hundreds of space design concepts. Heejung and Ryan are deeply in love with the "Retro New" theme of design. Mixing elements of the past with the present brings a distinctive blend of style, color, and visual interest. We love old retro animations of space with their simple yet bold color palettes and textures. We developed our custom design style by blending 2D and 3D variations. The colors were bright, the typography was bold, and it was easy to get information as fast as possible, as if you were flying by in a spaceship and only had seconds to read. The design was expanded to the website, program, conference pins, posters, and t-shirts bringing the whole design theme together.

We attended the conference in Austin, Texas and donned Space Cowfolk outfits to set the tone; it was a huge hit with the attendees. We became characters of the conference, and people were taking pictures with us at every corner. Taking chances on designs and ideas, people love something that's out of this world. PHAL8999, bottom of the page, was created initially as a concept character, a precursor to HAL9000 "that was accidentally miss-wired". We never imagined actually making him a live bot but one starry night PHAL8999 mysteriously came to be.

2024 Video Highlights

Poster designs

Camp ERL Attendee Poster Design
Camp ERL Exhibitor Poster Design
Camp ERL Speaker Poster Design
Camp ERL Volunteer Poster Design
Camp ERL Moderator Poster Design
Camp ERL Committee Poster Design
Camp ERL Welcome Poster Design
Camp ERL Community Roundtable  Poster Design
 Camp ERL Breakfast Poster Design
Camp ERL Daily Schedule Poster Design
Camp ERL Exhibit Hall Poster Design
Camp ERL Exhibitors Poster Design
Camp ERL Join Us Poster Design
Camp ERL Workshop Poster Design
Camp ERL Workshop 2 Poster Design
Camp ERL Camp Map Poster Design
Camp ERL Daily Schedule Poster Design
Camp ERL Daily Schedule Blue Poster Design
Camp ERL Daily Schedule Green Poster Design
Camp ERL Daily Schedule Gold Poster Design
Camp ERL Level M1 Poster Design
Camp ERL Level M2 Poster Design
Camp ERL Level M3 Poster Design

Program design

Camp ERL Program Design Cover
Camp ERL Program Design Greetings
Camp ERL Program Design Monday Schedule
Camp ERL Program Design Tuesday Schedule
Camp ERL Program Design Connections
Camp ERL Program Design Exhibit Hall

Conference merch

Camp ERL Metal Pins
Camp ERL T-Shirt Printing Astronaught
Camp ERL T-Shirt Printing Planet
Camp ERL T-Shirt Press
Camp ERL T-Shirt Attendees
Camp ERL 2024 Balloon Installation
Heejung Yoon Space Cowgirl
Ryan Carnrick Space Cowboy
Heejung, Sandy, Bonnie & Ryan Camp ERL Group Shot
Heejung, Joseph and Ryan Group Shot