Producer, researcher, director, editor, writer and teacher, John Mikulenka was about to travel a world trip around the globe, in which he will be teaching English from country to country. As part of his worldly travels John wanted to photo journal his adventures, we designed and created a unique platform for him to keep us all updated on his unique places.

Our first concept was to design a business card that John could easily write on and be memorable. A library card concept was the perfect venue to convey his personality — smart, intelligent, honest, humble, and enthusiastic. These cards gave the feeling of personal, genuine and hand crafted.

Business card design

Website design

Motion graphics / Film credit design

The documentary "Hunting the Zodiac" (2006) is a direct spotlight into the lives of private investigators who have never given up on finding the true Zodiac killer. We had a lot of fun to design and animate these end credits.