Our process starts with developing a strong design strategy. The design is not just about the individual elements—layout, color, typography, and imagery but all the components integrated collectively. Our design goals are to expand awareness to a broader perspective, convey leadership, and strengthen the brand. We created an advanced user experience that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Before we began the design process, we sliced and diced the website analytics. With data insights, we were able to optimize the site structure based on user behavior. This gave us a great outcome making sure the design helped the user journey along with their mission. Full screen is in, mobile, tablet, desktop and the users are loving every pixel.

Visitor interactions with the Responsible Business Alliance website will affect how users see the organization and understand its mission and vision.

Web design

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From the client

"We asked PxI for a new website that was more modern, easier to navigate, and embodied our brand. By every measure, they delivered."
Jarrett Bens, Director of Communications